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Product description

No power negative pressure fan:

Working theory: convection between natural wind and air to accelerate and transform any parallel airflow into vertical so as to improve the indoor ventilation. The hot air rises and Cold Air falls, which makes the fan rotate. So the indoor heat, stink and dust are exhausted effectively.

Working Result: it improves the working environment, protects workers' health and enhances the working efficiency.

Application Areas: warehouse, toilet, factory, workshop, stadium, tennis hall, assembly hall, garage, Paper Mill, galvanization factory and coating factory.

Need no energy: Nature wind drives,operating in 24hs the whole day  

High efficient air & moisture removal capacity, better than that of similar products over 25%

Unique blade design with smart operation and wind-proof & rain-proof

Imported bearing, free lubrication,no noise and free maintenance

Unique variable angle tube help to realize easy installation


Main technical parameters:

Our products feature


Power-free - maintenance-free

No need for electricity, automatic exhaust all day, but also reduce the fire caused by a short circuit or voltage overload and other unnecessary unnecessary trouble.


Anti-condensation - anti-rainwater

The fan operates in a climate throughout the day, which can effectively reduce the room temperature and prevent the condensation of indoor roofs in winter. In addition, centrifugal force will be generated during operation, and rainwater must not infiltrate.


Ventilation - high sensitivity

Only 3.2 kilometers per hour breeze or indoor and outdoor temperature difference exceeds 3 degrees Celsius, that is, all-day operation, to achieve the purpose of ventilation.


Noiseless - rugged


Smoke and vacuum, Dehumidify,Flavor


Our service:

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample order available. 

* View our Factory.

* Training how to instal the fan, training    how to mount the fan. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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